saveStrings again

I can not get the example to work. I have tried it with & without an existing target file in the home folder. Does this have to be done on a server?

It’s supposed to prompt your web browser to open/save the file. This should work fine –

let words = 'apple bear cat dog';

function setup() {
  createCanvas(100, 100);
  text('click here to save', 10, 10, 70, 80);
  words = split(words, ' ');

function mousePressed() {
  saveStrings(words, 'nouns.txt');

I’ve moved the split() to the setup() block, and simplified things by reassigning the array to words and removing the condition in the mousePressed().

It still needs to read words.split("); //// NOT split(words, " ")

I get the prompt but no ‘nouns’.txt" file. Is it in my downloads folder maybe?

works for me though.

Have you checked??

I find the text file in my download folder.

This might depend on your browser (and OS), I use Firefox