Running sketch files to LED matrix from MacBook Pro

Hello all,

this is my first post here and I am so glad to have discovered Processing and this community. At the same time please excuse my ignorance.

I am looking to run sketch files onto a LED matrix. I can see plenty of literature about how to do this from an Arduino but no solution from a MacBook pro. Is it possible at all?

Thanks in advance.

What LED matrix are you using? How are you planning on hooking it up to your Mac?


for the matrix 64x32 I suppose
how to hook it up from the mac, it is what I am trying to figure!

I think according to the specs those are designed for Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

Arduino Uno
Arduino Mega2560
Arduino Duemeilanove
Arduino Leonardo
Arduino Fio
Arduino Pro
Raspberry Pi Model B+
Raspberry Pi Model A+
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
Arduino Uno R3
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
Arduino Uno R4 Plus

Sorry, I’m not actually sure about direct laptop connections for those things – they tend to be designed to interface with a cheap computer as a driver, digital-sign style, like in these tutorials:

I’ll let the Arduino / Pi experts answer about direct laptop hookups.

I did that once with a PC / Windows

The led grid was on an Arduino

Upload program to Arduino

Run from there

But it’s not quite processing, Arduino has its own IDE with examples

So basically, you definitely need an Arduino.

Let me reword the question, if you wanted to run a Processing file onto a LED display similar to theses

60 cms by 60 centimeters, how would you do?

You should install the Arduino IDE on your mac

Before using the LED grid make yourself familiar with this IDE and how to upload a sketch to Arduino via usb and run on Arduino. There are lots of examples and documentation.

Once you got this level of knowledge you can turn to the LED grid.

There is a forum for Arduino. Maybe ask there.

The website of the producer of the LED grid should provide examples

In theory : attach grid to Arduino, load an example in the IDE, upload to Arduino via usb and run on Arduino

I had this one (or similar):