Requesting Permission for Accessing Accelerometer Data

Hi all,
I am a beginner just starting to learn p5.js. The current version of iOS does not allow users to directly access accelerometer data in the browser. In older versions of iOS, one could enable this permission in the phone settings, but with the updates in privacy permissions in the newer versions, the switch for “motion & orientation access” has been removed. As a result, functions in the reference like accelerationX and similar ones cannot be used in the iOS system.

Regarding this issue, I found some similar posts in the past.

Following this post: How to Request Device Motion and Orientation Permission in iOS 13 | by Lee Martin | Medium, I tried to enter the code mentioned into the p5 editor. However, the console says there is no requestPermission() function. Does this mean that p5.js does not have this function built-in? Is there any compatible solution?

Additionally, I would like to know why the code given by Leemartin on the second website, which I believe is JavaScript, cannot run in the p5.js editor?