Background color change with accelerometer

Can anyone get
to work? I’ve tried it on multiple devices that have accelerometers and the background color does not change with movement,
R.L. Hamm

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good, means you have updated systems and browser…


per default:
it should not be possible that any webpage
can spy on your ( device ) movement.

now how about your device settings?
did you enable that sensor for the browser? and that page?

That must be something unique to that page, I’ve never heard of giving a web page special access to my accelerometer, how can it be a security breach for them to know how my phone is tilted? I can’t even find info on how to give them rights to have this happen as I’ve never had the sensors not work anywhere, this is new to me. How do I get around this?

I loaded the webpage on a recent Android phone and pressed “Run”. Nothing happened. I then pressed “Display sketch” and the sketch became visible in the window – its background was correctly responding to acceleration when I shook the phone.