Quickest way of compile/upload in Android mode

Hello everyone

I have been working with processing for Android and I don’t know which is the quickest way of upload an app to android. Because sometimes when the app is uploaded and then something is wrong, I have to correct and wait again 2 minutes. Also, when I upload a program for example with a missing variable declaration mistake, Processing shows the problem but 2 minutes after, when the app is uploaded and not before upload. It spends much more time than for example java mode, that shows the problem before run the program and also the compilation is more quickly

In those two cases there is any solution or way that overcome those problems in Processing for Android?

Thanks in advance

Use APDE. Compiles in seconds.

Okay. So that is to edit and compile the programs in the smartphone but not with a computer, right?

I use APDE exactly for the reason you described, but I work on my PC for editing.
I use an app called Pigeon wich shares the clipboard’s from PC and phone.
So I edit on my PC, and when I want to test my code, I press select/copy all, and then on my phone with APDE already open select/paste all. After that I press run, and the code is compiled within a few seconds.

I have alt-c running on a Mac and a Samsung S2. I’m unable to find a way to copy/paste source code into APDE. Anyone have experience with doing this on an S2?

Never mind. I figured it out (not real sure how I did it.)