Awesome Android app for running processing apps (even allows 3D!)

There is an awesome app in the Google Play store that allows you to run processing code

  • straight to your phone
  • it even generates an APK and installs on your phone right away!!!
  • It also has Watch and VR modes

This is awesome for rapid app and prototype development

Are you talking about APDE?
I use it for two years now. I code on the PC however of course for ease.
But after some lines, I want to test it, and I select all/copy the code, and I use a clipboard app called Pigeon. With this app, the clipboard is transferred to the phone and I can instantly paste it into the APDE IDE. This app has also a fast preview compile mode, so just with a few clicks, I can run/test the code in less than 4 seconds.

Yes it is awesome. I just discovered it yesterday. I agree. Less than a couple of seconds

  • test it on the phone
  • create and install an APK and its an app on my phone

This is marvelous stuff!!

I use Quick Support by Teamviewer and I control my phone using my computer and I copy and paste that way. however I use my keyboard and mouse. So I can install it

  • my phone
  • my client’s phone, tablet
  • any body who I want to demo the app for

The possibilities are quite endless when you think about it. You can prototype an app for “anyone” with a few clicks of the mouse. Seriously very easy to use.

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