Query regarding Processing Foundation Fellowship Application


I am Alisha Mohanty and my teammate is Anisha Priyadarshini Mohanty. We are from Odisha, India. We got to know about the Processing Foundation Community from previous fellowship candidates 2019. We are applying for the Processing Foundation Fellowship Program 2020. We have almost completed our proposal and research for the same but stuck with a few queries regarding the application process.

  1. We are participating in a team of two. How will we send the contact details(email/name) of both of us?
  2. How do we send the writeups, should we write our proposal along with questions or without it?

Thank you, Eagerly awaiting for your reply.

Alisha Mohanty & Anisha Priyadarshini Mohanty


Hi Alisha and Anisha,

You should select one person to be your email contact person just for the application process, and place that in the “Email” field. You can include both your names in the “Name” field and on any documents you submit. For work samples you can enter URLs from either or both applicants, for the CV, you can put bot of yours together in one pdf, etc. If you are selected for a fellowship, we will ask for both your emails and can be in contact with both of you. Hope that helps!