Will Processing Foundation Fellowship 2021 accept team submissions this year?

Hello, I am Divyanshu Tiwari from India. I wanted to apply for Processing Foundation Fellowship this year but was confused about whether a team submission will be accepted this year or not. Can someone elaborate on this? Is it similar to the procedure of the previous years?

Thank you!

I just confirmed from the processing fellowship team. It is allowed, just like the previous years.

@lmccart do we need to share a draft proposal and get it reviewed first before submitting it for the Fellowship

no you don’t need to

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Hey @lmccart, has the selected fellows for Processing Foundation Fellowship programme already been notified - Since it was mentioned early May in Fellowship page.

We applied and did not recieve any further updates after applying, thanks!

Thank you so much for submitting your application to the Processing Foundation 2021 fellowship program. Due to the extended deadline, our team had to push back the schedule to accommodate for an adjusted review schedule. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding at this time as we try to thoroughly go through all applications. Our hope is to have our final selections for the program completed with notifications to fellows by May 30, 2021 with a public announcement in early June. Again, we thank you for your patience at this time. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at foundation@processing.org


@lmccart Thanks for the update :relaxed: