Python Mode needs a new project owner

Hello from Jonathan Feinberg, the creator of Python Mode for Processing.

Python Mode needs a new owner, someone with the time, energy, and expertise to take the mode into full Processing 4 compatibility and beyond.

To understand and modify Python Mode requires expertise in both Java and Python. The good news for any potential hacker is that there’s a fairly thorough test suite for the core functionality. (One possible semester-long project would be to design an end-to-end test framework that would exercise Python Mode in its real runtime environment, i.e., in a running instance of Processing.)

The less good news is that the project is complex, with a rather ad hoc directory layout that grew over time as the project evolved (from a standalone jar file to a Mode). As of now, it can only be built and tested with Ant and Eclipse. It also involves patching new versions of Jython to subtly change a couple of numeric behaviors.

Anyone interested in more information can contact me directly at You can certainly reply here, but you’ll get a quicker response via email.


I’m sorry if this adds noise to the announcement, but I can’t help using this opportunity to express my gratitude for your wonderful, huge, careful and often invisible work. Thank you so much @pheinberg!