Python Graphics Demos Not Loading

I just downloaded Processing 4.3 and installed Python Mode for Processing 4 from the Contribution Manager. However, when I open up the graphics demos, such as Tentacles, and try to press Run, the demo will not load. The code shows, no error codes are present, the button just flashes white for a second, then stops. I have no problems running similar demos in the Java Mode. I tried a fresh install, to no avail.

2 Likes is no longer maintained. Check out py5, a spiritual successor to that lets you interact with the rest of the Python ecosystem. @hx2A, @villares, and @tabreturn are experts if you have questions!


Thanks, @mcintyre !

Hi, @asterobiology ! If you like, give py5 a try. It is similar to in that it uses the Processing Jars for much of the graphics functionality. It is actively maintained and fun to use. If you have any questions, let us know!