Pushing To Array adds an ID to the object?


Confusing one here, really not sure whats happening.

As you can see below, i am only creating a from entry and a to entry in the object.

var edgesToLoad = [];
  for (var j = 0; j < dataArr.length; j++) {
    edge = {
      from: dataArr[j][1],
      to: dataArr[j][0]

However on the output there is an ID with some random hash looking value?


Does anyone know why this is happening? or is there a way i can prevent this from happening?

EDIT Doesnt effect my how it works, still curious about why this happens?



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AFAIK, that extra property id shouldn’t exist! :dizzy_face:
Unless that was added to Object’s prototype somehow: :space_invader:

By any chance, are you using some library that perhaps modifies the Object’s prototype? :books:
You should host your sketch online so we can check it out ourselves. :heavy_check_mark:

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I’m using vis.js as the library as well as p5.js
I’ve only just started working with other libraries as I’ve only just come to terms with how they can be implemented.

I don’t believe this library effects the prototype object for arrays? However I’ve not dug deep into it

  • Your variable edge{} is an Object, not an Array.
  • However, adding properties to the Object’s prototype{} would also affect Array, b/c Array is a subclass of Object.
  • Actually, almost anything in JS would be affected by changes to the Object’s prototype{}.
  • In order to check whether a library is modifying the Object’s prototype{}, you can create an empty Object and print() it, like this: print({}); or console.log({});
  • If you spot anything other than __proto__: Object, something is messing w/ the Object’s prototype{}.
  • Try that out w/ a loaded & initialized “vis.js” and w/o it.