Publishing App on Play Store with no Icon

Hi all
I just published an app on the Play Store using gradle for building the app bundle (I first exported the android project from Processing then I built the app using gradle bundleRelease like indicated in one of the threads that I found on the forum).
The app is working fine but when I download it from the Store it has the default icon of Processing, even though I configurated it on the Play Store in the configuration panel of the developer play console. The icon is showing correctly in the play console and in the main page of the store, but not when I download it.
What am I missing? The strange thing is that I made two releases in production of the app, the first time I’m pretty sure the icon was showing, but when I released a new version a few hours later the icon disappeared.
What am I missing? Can you help me?

What is your app called?

Why does it matter? :smiley:
Btw, this is the link:

I was just interested to see what you have produced. I do Android to but not many publish.

I released a few mini games, this one is an educational one. But I’m struggling with the icon :confused:

If I remember right, I changed the icon in the XML manifest of my own apps. I looked through every file that seemed relevant until I found it and then replaced it. Take a look at a simple processing for android export for where the icon hides and is referenced.

@bertin You need to change the icon files in the exported sketch app files before using the bundle release command. Changing the icons on the play console’s configuration will not change the app icon.
Change the icons in the files present similar to this location(for windows) - C:\Users\Name\Documents\Processing\sketch_2**d\android\app\src\main\res
files name - ic_launcher.png
replace the icons based on the resolutions i.e hdpi, mdpi etc.