Program not running when exported

Heres my code

When I open the files in processing the program works as intended everything is good, but when I export it the program, it doesn’t work at all
I don’t know if this is just for me but if I were to guess it probably is to do with the .txt file not loading properly when exported

If anyone knows how to fix this that would be great!


Can you check the txt file in the exported folder? It is likely the file was not copied during the export process…


I Copyed the txt file into the source folder and nothing changed where should I look for the file?

Unfortunatelly I cannot open your link… some restriction on my network. Anyways, if you are reading your file from the data folder when running from the PDE, then when you export your app, you should have the same folder layout in the exported folder. If you open the exported folder, you will have an executable and you should have the data folder and inside this folder you should have your text file. If it is not there, move the file manually and see if that solves the problem.

I did this test using one of the provided basic examples: LoadDisplayImage.pde


I put the txt file next to the .exe and it worked!
Its weird that it didnt export with the rest of the program

heres another link anyway if you want to have a look!B3hVULJL!Wkz8guVnlGnlSxjPlGCnrcZthQbNDIzupcv9R3OfGpk

Thanks again!


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