Processing3 GLConstants.GLGRAPHICS library deprecated?

Hey All,

I’m looking through some Processing libraries for some openGL and shader examples and there are quite a few examples which I believe are quite old but seem to have some good examples. They all seem to be using GLConstants.GLGRAPHICS as the render type in the setup function. It seems to be from an old Processing library GLGraphics. The original library page is here:

The setup code in these projects are like: size(640, 480, GLConstants.GLGRAPHICS);

I’ve been trying to the examples running in Processing3 as well as an old version of processing (I have archived v2.2.4) but haven’t been able to get the examples running.

Anyways, I’m wondering if anyone’s still using the GLConstants library still if it’s been updated to Processing3… or it’s shader examples or if it’s fully depreciated and just outdated and I should just look for other examples.

My interest in the library was some of its shader examples and some of the 3d projects.

Thanks for any insight!

That library is made by Andres “codeanticode” he also made the P2D and P3D renderer that are in processing. I would check some of the examples included with processing. And else his github might have some good examples.

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Thanks for the recommendations for where to look for more recent examples. There does seem to be some more recent shader examples and demos on codeanticode’s GitHub too. I’ll dig in around there and see what I can find / learn.

Appreciate it!