Processing won’t start at all

In the .err file it says

“Exception in thread “AWT-EventQueue-0” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class sun.reflect.misc.MethodUtil”

Any help?

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that’s bad,
but as this is not your first post i assume that is not a installation question?

is this a question about your code? not running ?
can you post it here?

first try to run any ready example to check your system is not damaged.

if it is system related

  • what hardware / OS
  • what processing version you used

just give more info…

Not a code problem, it just wont start. AT ALL.
This is an error from processing itself, not from any of my code.
Windows 7
Processing 3.5.3

so you might need a new installation?

-1- backup your sketch
-2- delete ?Documents/processing-3.5.3/ dir
-3- delete ?Documents/Processing/ dir
-4- delete system dir
c:\Users\ < USER > \AppData\Roaming\Processing\

you might do a test and start with -4- only
and restart processing

make a new download of
processing 3.5.3
? you have win 7 32? 64 ? bit ?
and choose processing accordingly

and unzip ( like to /Documents/ ) and start from there

I did that 3 times. It never worked.
Well, I guess I havent done a 100% fresh install.
If this does work, thank you.

It doesn’t work.

as you had processing working on ?this? system before,
the question is what did you change that processing can not run anymore?

  • update win ?
  • install hardware or graphic driver

change anything?

Nope, didn’t change anything.

it is not up to me to say you need a new windows,

but possibly there is only a problem with your user,
so a easy test would be to create a new windows user
and install processing in that environment.

and this time you give a detailed report about every step / link / filename / path / mouseclick…
how you start something and
what you see then
where you found what error file and post the full content,