Processing with Max MSP


I am trying to link up Processing with Max. I am particularly interested in sending data from Processing into Max. I downloaded a thing called Maxlink 0.36, but its latest version is from 2010. []

When I try to run one of their example sketches, I get told at the console that the sketch would only run on a 32 bit system. Also, my Max folder does not have the library where I should place maxlink’s .jar.

My version of processing is 3.4, and my version of Max is 8.0.3. My operating system is macOS High Sierra 10.13.6.

Is there any more up-to-date way in which I can link up these two programs?

Thank you.

What kind of data?

Perhaps using either Max MIDI + TheMIDIBus for Processing?

Or Max OSC and oscP5 for Processing?

I want to send integers, floats, etc, for Max to read as Midi. I am going to try that first option, for I already have TheMIDIBus.