Problem with osc message from Processing to max/msp

Good morning,

I manage to send at the same time 9 integers from 0 to 127 from Pocessing to max/msp

But when I start processing, my image streams in max/msp become inconsistent, with lag

Is it possible to send less data?

void loop()  {
    for (int i = 0; i < networkSize; i++)
        Pos[i] = abs((int) map(dataMappedForMotorisedPosition[i] % numberOfStep, 0, numberOfStep, 0, 127));
    if (millis()>timeTosendData + 250)
        timeTosendData = millis();
        //println ("SEND DATA");

void oscSend()

  OscMessage myMessage20= new OscMessage("/position0"); // oscillator front
  OscMessage myMessage21= new OscMessage("/position1"); // oscillator 
  OscMessage myMessage22= new OscMessage("/position2"); // oscillator 
  OscMessage myMessage23= new OscMessage("/position3"); // oscillator 
  OscMessage myMessage24= new OscMessage("/position4"); // oscillator 
  OscMessage myMessage25= new OscMessage("/position5"); // oscillato
  OscMessage myMessage26= new OscMessage("/position6"); // oscillator 
  OscMessage myMessage27= new OscMessage("/position7"); // oscillator 
  OscMessage myMessage28= new OscMessage("/position8"); // oscillator 
  OscMessage myMessage29= new OscMessage("/position9"); // oscillator behind


  // myRemoteLocationII port 8001  //position0 to position9
  oscP5.send(myMessage20, myRemoteLocationII);
  oscP5.send(myMessage21, myRemoteLocationII);
  oscP5.send(myMessage22, myRemoteLocationII);
  oscP5.send(myMessage23, myRemoteLocationII);
  oscP5.send(myMessage24, myRemoteLocationII);
  oscP5.send(myMessage25, myRemoteLocationII);
  oscP5.send(myMessage26, myRemoteLocationII);
  oscP5.send(myMessage27, myRemoteLocationII);
  oscP5.send(myMessage28, myRemoteLocationII);
  oscP5.send(myMessage29, myRemoteLocationII);


I tried this, it’s a little better but still not perfect.

or do something so that the osc data doesn’t disrupt my max/msp image stream?

I don’t understand why receiving data in osc disrupts my image stream in max/msp when this image stream comes from max/msp

Processing and max/msp are in the same computer, should I create some sort of virtual usb connection between max and processing?