Processing websockets library wont work on Android 6 or less

Im trying to make an android app using processing for android, i do nothing special unless using the websockets library provided in the library section of the processing itself.
After adding the permissionin to the manifest, the program works fine on android.
But Android 8 or over, I am using sdk 26 which is for android 8 or + but I can make apps for less android versions and i tested my app without websockets, it worked fine, I need another webscket library for processing that suppoorts android 4-5.
I tried to add this and this as contributed library to my sketch but I wasnt able to do so, I mean i couldnt implement the libraries since there is no Gradle or Maven.

Can anyone suggest a simple websocket lib or atleast a way to let me implement some other Java Websocket library that works?