WebSocket Pro library for processing

Hello community, how are you all?

I want to share my work with all of you, it is a very high-level WebSocket library with all the built-in and serial abstraction mechanisms to be able to create concurrent servers with a multitude of clients.

The library is a clever extension of the well-known “java_websocket” where I integrate everything you needed for many years at the communication level but already prefabricated for processing.

Let’s say it is something very similar to the fantastic OSCp5 but simplified and above all error-free on Android.

I am looking for someone who can create a library to process from some functions written in java in the sketch.

There are two classes and some functions to obtain ip, hostname, mac and little else.

Can someone who controls this topic help me?

Hi @erkosone – am I right that you have

all working in one or more example sketches already?

And you want to wrap them into a library, WebSocket Pro?

You can start out by logging into github and going to

and click on Use This Template

Do you have git / GitHub Desktop / SourceTree on your computer, and are you familiar with using git?

Do you have Ecliipse / IntelliJ installed, and have you used them before?

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