Processing Version


Is it possible to catch the REVISION or VERSION_NAME of Processing from a sketch ?
I see this Static Final in the code Base of Processing but I find noway to catch from sketch, any idea about a possibility ?

Thx in advance.

Processing’s devs deliberately didn’t provide any means for us to identify PApplet’s current version! :angry:

The first idea i have would be to load the revision.txt file and parse the first line but you will need to provide the path to the processing folder. Something like that :

String folder = "C:/Program Files/Processings/";

String[] txts;

void setup() {
  txts = loadStrings(folder+"revisions.txt");

This will print the first line of the revisions.txt files which is :
PROCESSING 3.4 (REV 0265) - 26 July 201

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arg, it’s pity, that’s can be useful to add a method to catch that !!!

Why not, that’s can be a way :slight_smile: But the problem in my case I use Processing-Java in Sublim Text. So I need to know the version of my export JAva-Processing. With your idea, I catch the version of the Processing IDE. I need to be sure of my export Java-Processing. I’m not sur to be clear… but I can translate in french if you want :slight_smile:

Regardless of GoToLoop’s weird insistence on saying negative things about the volunteers on this project at any given chance, the actual issue here is that there’s never been a worthwhile reason for implementing this feature.

It’d be easy to add, of course, but usually it has something to do with running multiple versions of the software, but that’s not something we can encourage. Our development team is tiny, and we can only (barely) support the most recent release.


mmmhhh I don’t understand exactly what you mean “that’s not something we can encourage” in regard with “It’d be easy to add” and with “support the most recent release” the method version() can be just return the version of the current release not less, not more…
And about the tiny volunterr team, I agree with that, it’s hard and I hope one day to be stronger in pure Java dev to help deeply the project Processing.