Processing typing bar doesn't correspond with actual typed text!

For the love of god if somebody could help me out, I am going insane.

In Processing 4 (beta), the typing bar | does not appear where my letters appear when typing. Instead it appears way in front of all of the code that I’m typing. See link to video here (please ignore my horrible code):

It’s driving me insane and I can’t find anyone who seems to be experiencing the same problem. The weirdest thing is that the typing bar | isn’t even consistent with the distance from where I’m actually typing. Sometimes it may just be a character or two in front of it whilst other times it’s literally 13 characters in front of it! I’ve tried the ‘insert’ button and even went to the 4th page of google, I’m really at a loss here and as a beginner, it’s really offputting and demoralizing: I just want to be able to work smoothly and adequately! If you understand how to fix this or what might be causing this issue, please do share your information so I can get back to improving my processing skills!


They are out there!

There is an issue open related to this:

The last response in above link may be helpful.

Also see this topic: