Processing Tutorials Old and New

Hello folks!

The current Processing website is here:

There are 22 Text Tutorials here on the current website:

Archives of Processing tutorials I found on Github:

Here is an archive of 22 Text Tutorials on GitHub (last to 2 year commit dates):

Here is an archive of 24 Text Tutorials on GitHub (9 to 12 year commit dates):

Here is an archive of 33 Text Tutorials on GitHub (3 to 12 year commit dates):

These 2 Text Tutorials were available for a while (from these links but NOT on website) but are now dead links:

I am guessing that this is the 24 to 22 difference in the history and they were lost in the cleanup\updates.

This link is useful if you want to download content from the archives above:


Once you download you can view:

Have fun exploring!

This is an update from a previous post:
Processing Resources Old and New


Hello @sableRaph,

It would benefit the community to see some of the missing tutorials on the new website.

I have often linked to these (2 above) and would like to see these updated (need some edits) and available on current website.


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Hi @glv and thanks for flagging these and doing all this research! I also miss the PShader tutorial by Andres Colubri!

I wasn’t personally involved in the initial release of the new website however I have discussed this specific topic with people who were. Here’s what I wrote in my notes:

  • The trig tutorial was very short and the team thought it was not very useful.
  • Data was a Dan Shiffman tutorial and wasn’t working because all the web APIs had changed. It would need to be rewritten from the ground up.

For any further comments on the current state of the website, I suggest filing an issue on the Processing repository.

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