Where did the (P)Shader tutorial go?

Hi there!

I remember this super helpful tutorial on PShader and shader 101, which I believe was either done by Andres Colubri, or by one of the newer kids on the block, going over how to set up your vertex an pixel shaders, and what to do with them. I’m now finding some 404s… is this going back up or any leads?


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It’s on GitHub.

This web tool renders the html online but without images.

You can download the html with images as a zip.

BTW. The first link is from GitHub, which should be safe to open, but I don’t know anything about who wrote the online tools in the second and third links (just found them online). So if they ask you for your credit card number, think about it twice :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks! I do hope they put it back online!

The wayback machine has a 2021-04 snapshot of the original PShader tutorial (images and all) here: