Broken website tutorials


after the website has migrated, most of the tutorial links don’t work anymore and it’s really difficult to look up reference and examples

(for example or .)

internet archive is of not much use because mostly it says that there was some problem with indexing

could you please fix the site back and/or use proper 301 redirects if they are there somewhere, for when a migration to a new portal is being made?

there is new links

google what you whant

here you can find all old stuff but with new style


Some stuff did not have a link on the old main website but was searchable and had its own link.

The RGB Cube was one of those.

You can find the examples here:

The RGBCube example is in > Topics > Geometry

And lots of other nuggets in there!

The PShape tutorial is here:

It may take time to adjust to new website.
I have often gone into the GitHub resources to find stuff also.

I have not explored the new site in depth to see if all the examples are there now.


i understand that they are somewhere on the website, but it’s really difficult to work with processing now as usually when you don’t know something you’d open up google and write something like “processing 3d performance PShape” and there you’d have it

now you have to click on “cached” version of the article because the links are throwing 404

plus, in general if anyone has ever linked to a processing tutorial, those links are now defacto dead, making it really complicated to navigate in processing resources for someone who doesn’t know the website structure like you do

i’m saying that it is usually a standard and would be really useful to redirect the old links to the new content like this in .htaccess and there’s just really no reason not to do it, in order to keep the website alive without 404 requests from either google or third party websites

Redirect 301 /oldlink /newlink

or something like

RewriteRule ^.?learning/(.*)/([\s\S]*)$ /tutorials/$1 [R=301,L]

edit: i wanted to reply to glv, not to that useless jafal’s post


I submitted a GitHib issue here for the examples:

You may want to consider submitting issues on GitHub that impact the Processing community.

I am not directly involved but as a member take interest.


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what you are trying to prove ??

thank you! you are so kind

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