Processing-style documentation for other projects

I used Processing several years ago and really appreciated the documentation website with the interactive examples as a way to learn quickly about the language.

pico8 is a lua-based “fantasy console” and the first thing I thought when learning about it was “I wish they had Processing-style documentation!”

Could I adapt the processing documentation formatting for other languages? Links, pointers, or guides would be appreciated!


Out of any documentation I’ve read for any language processing is the most user friendly and thorough. If more people built their sites this way the world would be a better place. I second this. :grinning:

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Good question!

What do you mean by this exactly?

Just the offline reference?

Or the online reference:

Or the entire Website

  • with tutorials, examples and the Environment (IDE) page?

Or even the videos and channels?

Do you mean technically or legally?

Answer is Yes.

I think (when you give the source) you could even copy material.

I don’t think there is a tutorial for that (like “How to make a reference” or so)

But when you are planning to make something like the website / reference, I suggest to

  • get some volunteers,
  • make a team,
  • define some goals,
  • define your audience (like age or knowledge),
  • define some use-cases (like what do they look up, in what situation, with how much time),
  • make a concept and
  • start working on it.
  • Try to get feedback from users early etc.
  • You want to meet the requirements and taste of beginners and of pros…


By the way, the pf.js reference seems technically more advanced than the processing reference website.

I think p5.js reference page is not a static website. Maybe ask the guys there.