Better networking documentation?

I was looking at the documentation for networking, but it seemed to be just walls of useless text rather than a practical list of processing network commands. Is there a better resource for this?

can you pls repair the link so it points to the documentation in question?

possibly you not find

or is that the one you complain about?

how about
processing IDE
/File / Examples /
/Libraries / Network /

also useless?

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thanks, before all I could find was this:

that is my dream, that there are cross links
reference // example // tutorial // video //
like a “tag cloud”
so you want help?

not anymore, thanks to you! :slight_smile:

i wanted to ask you if you are willing to help / contribute
to improve the documentation,
but you understand i ask if you need more help?

so how is your project?

Whoops… I’m alright, but think the networking documentation you showed me is sufficient for my means