Processing Online Compiler


My students develop using Processing on desktop machines for their final projects. They work together and would like a way to code simultaneously on the same project. We used to use coding rooms, which compiled processing applications. This was also cloud based so students could develop at home on their Chromebooks. Not every student has a windows or Macintosh machine to code on at home. Unfortunately they discontinued their k-12 services recently. Does anyone know of another online compiler?


Hi, sorry to hear about that - I don’t have an alternative solution but I know that there’s processing.js. It’s not maintained anymore, though. As an online editor, OpenProcessing supports processing.js (although deprecated), which you can select from Sketch → Mode → Pjs. I don’t think OpenProcessing is collaborative (synchronously) and I don’t know if there’s a collaborative online editor that supports processing.js (nevertheless you can manually set up a project on glitch, for example).

In the long run I guess switching the material to p5.js would make sense. But in the meantime I hope you find a solution. Also pinging @saberkhan if he has any suggestions.