Online editor for processing

Is there something similar to for processing?

I’d like to introduce my houdini students to some basic programming terms and concepts, starting with datatypes.

It may be more convenient for them to experiment straight in a browser since we are not in the studio this year.

Last I checked, supports both p5.js and processing.js

Be warned though: because processing.js was the precursor to p5, its not been supported in a long time. You’ll just have to be conservative and cautious about the Java you use

As @tony has warned: Processing.js was discontinued in December of 2018. For Processing.js, you could use JSFiddle, or some similar front-end developer playground. I speak under correction here, but Processing.js just ‘fakes’ datatypes. For example, the following are equivalent and all work fine in Processing.js:

d = 123;
int d = 123;
nonsense d = 123;

Another option might be TypeScript, which CodePen supports. Here’s an example that combines TypeScript and p5.js, that includes a few datatyped variables:


Thanks for the links, that’s great!
I also appreciate the clarification on running processing on a browser and how it deals with datatypes. Hopefully it should be enough for me to explain what variables are and the distinction between the different datatypes.

@tony it’s (the extra space took me somewhere else)


Thanks for the catch!