Processing on an Udoo x86?


Does anyone have any experience with running Processing on a Udoo x86 ?
There’s one discussion I’ve found on the Udoo forum, but that is from about 5 yrs ago. Was hoping someone has more recent experience and is willing to share.

We’re looking for a solution for an installation where full HD video is played based on input from a rotary sensor. The installation will be shown in a museum-type setting and so we’re looking for a solution where the entire installation can be switched on and off with a simple powerswitch.

Thanks in advance!

Do you have the Udoo and sensor on hand, and you are dealing with coding issues, or are you evaluating compatibility before making a purchase?

At this point evaluating compatibility.
Otherwise my question would have been more specific.

I have no specific information on this, but you might also want to follow up here: