Processing-java - python multiprocessing pool

Hi, everyone. I’m finding an expert who has some experience on multiprocessing with processing-java.
I’ve developed a python script to run processing-java command with multiprocessing pool.

— Python Script—
from multiprocessing import Pool
def func(meta):

os.system(“./processing/processing-java --sketch="” + cwd + “/oscilloscope/" --run " + str(meta) + "

pool = Pool(), range(len(metadata)))

At first, I see the generating starts well at first and some complete videos come out, but all processes are slept, and the video never come out any more at some point.

Hope for your help.

Hi @superumam,

Could you describe a little bit what you are trying to achieve? Why running multiple Processing Java processes? Do you do batch processing? Are you displaying something?

What does slept means? Do your processes still run?