Development efficiency with Processing platform

Hi, good afternoon!
my question is :slight_smile: concerned about efficiency with processing.
Already to know: I spend lots of time writing codes. I read so many points ( up to 5k) from .csv files . And
Dijkstra Algorithm to read all points, draw lines again and again. The CPU and Memory are consuming surprisingly.
Are there any solutions to improve efficiency ? I guess java Spring or Distributed may be useful, But I want to know whether it can be used or not with processing platform. Can I use Eclipse only ? Once, I tried it with eclipse, and intergrated environments. ( PApplet ) The progress is right?
So, how to reduce CPU or Memory, my computer is win 10, 16G memory etc. Can I write codes with some technologies, such as Java Concurrent process, Spring Boot ,I guess, may be wrong.
Please give me a guidance, which is real, effective and feasible. Thank you very much.

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Help, please…, nobody?

If you are using Processing in PDE, you can use anything that works on Java 8. So, for example, if you want concurrent processes –

You can use Eclipse or you can use PDE. In PDE, you can use the built-in thread(), or create a full Thread in a PDE file:

class MyThread extends Thread {

…or you can do it in PDE in a .java file tab with full Java syntax.

Or you can use Eclipse, and do everything in Java syntax.

NOTE: The Processing draw loop is single-threaded, so you have to be very careful about the interface between your threads and drawing. It generally isn’t safe to access the canvas or even do Processing color math from your threads.


Thank you very much, It helps me a lot! And I try to do it.