Processing For pi: GSoC 2020

I,m Debabrata an undergrad from NIT- Rourkela. I am a hobbyist generative artist working on p5.js since a year. As part of my GSoC proposal I want to work on Processing for ARM and fix bugs on the OS issues it is having since days of inception. I have worked on ARM processors previously, to be precise I have done extensive work on implementing ML algorithms in Microcontrollers.
I want to use all those things learnt in improving Processing for pi platform, it would be a great help if I would know which mentors to contact, regarding submitting of proposal in the topic I’m interested in.

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Thank you for your interest, @Debabrata! Right now there is no ARM maintainer for Processing Pi.

The build is created out of the core repo, and there are is an ARM label for related issues. You might consider pinging benfry on a recent issue or a new one and ask directly about getting involved in ARM as part of GSOC given your experience.


Thankyou for your lead @jeremydouglass, I will surely take help of benfry in this regard

I don’t think we’ll be able to support a Processing for Pi Summer of Code project this year. I don’t think we have anyone who can mentor that project. I recommending focusing on another proposal, with this list as the priorities:

@jeremydouglass I have started writing a proposal for facilitating a serial debugging function for maintainance of processing for pi. I know I was adviced to look for some other projects but I’m reallly interested in contributing towards this segment as I myself have faced problems while using it and suppose to use it in future too. Hope you understand this and get me informed about any potential mentor this year or else I will keep contributing and try next year.