Processing export for iOS

Is it possible to export to iOS applications or .apk for android?
I am developing a project that has a lot of potential to be inside an iPad or a conventional tablet.
Or some way to compile this in other framework.
Best, Luis

You can check out Processing for Android, but there’s really an official Processing IOS compiler. You can check out here, but I’m not sure how reliable it is.

Thanks for the answer Sarah!
Best, Luis

That is not so simple
You cannot take your sketch and “export” it for android (processing mode): you have to use the android mode and re-write your code for android, which probably means a lot of modifs but is feasable.
As for IOS it is much more complicated; the link given is for an app which is able to “translate” java code for ios; but you cannot “export” anything towards this app. So i am afraid that you have to learn objectiveC, especially when you think that the screen sizes and screen res are very different from android to IOS…
Time ago i have tried to use this:
but ( perhaps now it’s different) i have got very poor results, mainly for the ui…

I see.
Thanks for your help.
As for the internet, is there a way to embed processing applications (Java mode) in the web? I don’t know anything solid enough to do so.
Best, Luis

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That’s no more possible; you have to use P5JS.