Jobs board--where they know Processing?


I have written a few art projects in Processing–now I want to convert them so they run on iOS, especially Apple TV. The problem is that I’ve contacted a number of people (developers) and looked at various “gig boards”–and knowledge of Processing is a hard thing to find. People don’t want to learn it, either, just for my little project.

Is there a job board for Processing people? Realted–is there a Processing-like platform so I can code directly for iOS without having to learn Swift etc?



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I believe the easiest path is to deploy your Java Mode sketches to the web.

If your sketches just strictly rely on Processing’s API: Reference /

You can try out Pjs to automatically transpile your Java code to JS:

Otherwise, you can consider porting your Java Mode sketch to p5js instead:

I’m sort of confused. It sounds like you are pointing to ways to convert my code to a web-based browser display? I’m looking for a conversion to an iOS App (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV) and am wondering about who I might hire to do so.

If I’m confused and there really is a way to do the conversion myself–or to write something in Processing or a Processing-like language/IDE then I’d love to hear about it.


Sorry I’m not versed w/ Apple’s technologies at all! :apple:

I was just pointing out that, it’s possible to deploy your Processing sketches to the web, as long as they don’t depend on Java 3rd-party libs. :coffee: