Processing does not recognize my tool. Please help

Hey I want to create a processing tool.
I was able to export it with eclipse via “Ant” (sektchbook / tools)
it is also shown to me in the Finder (macOS), but it is not shown to me in Processing.
(I did it like this tutorial shows:
GitHub - processing/processing-tool-template: Processing Tool Template for Eclipse)
So I haven’t changed anything in the “tool code” …

I hope you can help me :slight_smile:


Did you follow all the steps mentioned in the GitHub tool template?

Otherwise is it possible for you to share the link of your project?

Hey, I’ve actually done all the steps as far as I know.
I was not sure if I did it right with some.

I uploaded my tool attempt on github: https: //

Thank you for your help

Hi again,

Looking at the existing MovieMaker tool in Processing, you can see that the folder structure is like this :

└── MovieMaker
    ├── bin
    ├── build.xml
    ├── license.html
    ├── src
    └── tool

whereas yours is like this :

└── testTool
    ├── bin
    ├── libs
    ├── processing-tool-template-master
    └── src

So I’ve never done a tool myself but I even tried to put the testTool folder alone inside the tools folder and it doesn’t work.

Are you sure you are compiling and packaging it the right way? :wink:

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Yes you are right, I must have made a mistake …
Well I’ll delete the project and try again :slight_smile:
I’ll write again, see you later

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In the file change these two lines to suit your tool

project.prettyName=G4P GUI Builder

└── G4PTool
    |── bin
    |── libs
         ^- G4PTool.jar 

Note that the parent folder and the name of the jar must be identical