Movie Maker is not showing

I’ve installed processing 3.5.4. In the tools tab, movie maker is not showing… Am I missing something… How do i get the movie maker option…?

Did you try Menu Tool | Add Tool… ?

Hey if you work on the Mac, go to the location of
Right click it and press Show Package Contents.
Open the folder “Contents” then the folder “Java” and then the folder “tools”

There should be a folder here called Movie Maker. That is the tool. If you don’t have it, copy it for yourself.
You can download it from my github: GitHub - FloloGames/MovieMakerTool: The Movie Maker Tool from Processing

If it is there, I don’t know what to do next.
You could of course reinstall it.


This is what I see on a W10 PC:



Yes I did try the Add Tool… Movie maker tool is not appearing there too…

I’m on windows 7 pc.

This is what I see on a windows 7 pc
processing 1

or just use hamoid video export; not a tool but just working inside your Sketch

see 3DSketches/Moebius4.pde at master · Kango/3DSketches · GitHub

Appreciate your help… But is there something wrong with the processing that I’ve installed considering that it isn’t showing the movie maker tool…?

I have no idea what is the Problem

What OS do you have?

Try installing anew?


Which version of W7 are you using? 32-bit or 64-bit?

If you are using W7 64-bit use the Processing 64-bit version:
Download \

You can also try the Processing 32-bit version under Windows 7 64-bit.


It is a library available in the Processing IDE Contribution Manager:

And has examples that come with it: