Creating a new Tool - ArtStation


Hello, I have created a tool I would like to share with the community, but I built it as a stand alone Java application. It functions in that respect, but I think that it would be most useful as a tool that you could access from the Processing IDE.

I have followed the steps for creating a tool in eclipse to the best of my abilities, and I was finally able to get it to build. But I am very unfamiliar with eclipse and now I just have this “” file that doesn’t even run. When I try is just says the selection cannot be launched. Did I do something wrong in the set up?

Or if I have a working java application is there an easier way to turn it into a tool?

Thank you for your help!


I believe you follow either of these instructions:

If the instructions did not work for you, then the docs needs to be updated. Do you have the code in github and publicly available?