Processing android problem

I have written some code on the computer for my phone and I was able to upload it to my phone. My question now is: Is it possible to edit a program that you made on a computer with a phone when you have the app?

You used your computer to make an app for your phone.

If you want to change the app so it does something different, use the computer again to make a new app that behaves differently.

You can’t use the phone alone to change how an app works.

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I suggest you put the code from your computer into a git server (github, etc.). You have a git add-on for processing.
Then install apde app from google play.
Finally, sync the code: each time you modify it, use git snapshot, git push in the device used to code, and git pull on the other device.

Thats’ how I do it.

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Ok, thanks, I understand now.