Processing 4 + OpenKinect

Hello Processing folks!

I ran into an error running the Open Kinect examples with Processing 4 (on Mac): NoClassDefFoundError: /com/sun/jna/Library.

The issue seems to be with jna.jar.

The Java/Contents folder has jna.jar and jna-platform.jar, these are not in the core/library subfolder. Copying these to the core/library subfolder solves the problem.


Sorry I am not super savvy but very interested into solve this problem. Could you please explain me how to do it? Thank you :pray:t2:

Thanks a lot. That solved the problem


Same problem here running Processing 4 from a Mac.

I don´t know where to find those folders as i have many Java folder in my computer.

Any help?

I´ve already solve the Java folder problem and the “NoClassDefFoundError: /com/sun/jna/Library” has gone!

But now my Kinect is now i have another Error

"No Kinect devices found"strong text
Failed to open camera subdevice or it is not disabled.Failed to open motor subddevice or it is not disabled.Failed to open audio subdevice or it is not disabled.There are no kinects, returning null

I have already installed libfreenect from Homebrew in my terminal but still not working. Any help?

Problem solve!

I had to update de libfreenect from Terminal

brew install --HEAD libfreenect