Processing 3.5.4 p5js error

Hi, since I installed Processing 3.5.4 and updated p5js mode,
I can’t load any p5js sketch.
Error: “Failed to open Aucune application n’est associée au fichier spécifié pour cette opération.”
Processing 3.5.3 is running fine.
I’m on Windows 10, and disabled antivirus and firewalls, with no success.

Thanks for your help

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also use 3.5.4 on win10
and now test p5.js mode, load a example, works fine here.
but i did NOT have to ?UPDATE? mode, here still

p5.js Mode 1.2.2 Fathom Information Design  Adds a simple editor for p5.js code

anyhow when i try first time to run i got the windows defender java question

what is actually strange as i use PDE 3.5.4 in JAVA mode a week already?

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My problem is solved, I was running this new version in a sandbox…

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