Do I have to have Processing installed in order to run the GUI?

I want to make a GUI for an Arduino based pulse sequence generator and I want it to be fool proof and user-friendly. The problem is, I don’t want the user to have to open Processing and see the code and then open the GUI.
I’m just getting into Processing/Arduino. So, I don’t know if this is possible. If it is, how do I do it? And if not, do you know any alternatives?

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processing IDE 3.4
/File/ Export Application /
adjust for what operating system you need it
and you will get in your sketch dir subdirectories what contain a startfile / for windows a exe /
still somewhere below you will find again the copied source dir you can delete,
and its .jar files…
that exe and the 2 subdirs /lib/ and /java/
you have to “distribute”.


You don’t need to have Processing open. There is a button File>Export Application and this way you export the app. When the app gets compiled and exported, source code files can be still found. If you really dont want the user to see the code, look into the exported folder and remove the “source” or “out” folder (can’t rememvber from the top of my head, sorry).