Problems adding Papaya Library

Hi fellow programmers,

I want to use statistics in my code and therefore I’m trying to add the Papaya library to Processing. I added the library to the library folder of processing, but for some reason it doesn’t work.

I found the Papaya library here:

Link of library adding instructions:

When I read the instructions on how to add a library, it states: “The top folder of a library must have the same name as the .jar file located inside a library’s library folder (minus the .jar extension)”. But the problem is that the library’s library folder of Papaya doesn’t contain any files?
Is there anyone that knows how I can fix this?


This post can be deleted, I found the answer in another post:
“# Can someone try to find this library in Processing?

Apologies for my mistake!!

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Glad you were able to solve your problem – and good to know that you are able to add Papaya using that method, this fact may be helpful to someone in the future!

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