Adding an external java Library

Im trying to import the library mp3agic and ive gotten to the point where ive used maven to build the .jar file and i have it in the librarys folder like this:
When I used maven it gave me 3 snapshot jar files, one just called snapshot, one called snapshhot-javadoc and one called snapshot-sources, Processing doesn’t see the library as I cant import it with the add library button
Ive also tried to drag and drop the file into processing making a code folder and putting the files in there but when I ìmport mpatric.mp3agic.*I get an error mpatric cannot be resolved

Any help would be great!


PS: I have been reading this, only the bottom part of the page applies to me and its not very helpful

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The path should be …

where XXX is the name of the library jar file without the file ext (.jar), beware this is case-sensitive!!!

Note the spelling of libraries

So you have two choices

  1. Change the library folder to …
    this assumes that the library jar is called snapshot.jar
  2. Rename snapshot.jar to mp3ajic.jar and change the library folder to

Thank you! that did the trick!

Note that you can also just drag the .jar file onto the Processing editor.

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Could you share the snapshot.jar file, or, even better, the resulting folder directly?