Problem with Spektrum (library)

Hello everyone I have a problem connecting the library. I am trying to run the Spektrum program (GitHub - pavels/spektrum: rtl-sdr spectrum analyzer ) I don’t get the problem No library found for rtlspektrum
Libraries must be installed in a folder named ‘libraries’ inside the sketchbook folder (see the Preferences window).
The package “rtlspektrum” does not exist. You might be missing a library.
Although all libraries are in place. Please help me to sort out the problem. Mac Os 14.0


I run this more than year ago operating systems windows 7 all I needed installing RTL drived

everything works fine on windows, but it doesn’t work on mac os… and I need it on mac os

Error messages indicate that a library can’t be found. Something to try (no promises it will work): 1) create a folder named ‘code’ in the sketch folder. 2) Place the required libraries in the ‘code’ folder.

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Maybe processing doesn’t have the permission to use your library folder

Then you have to receive permission from os.

In general

In general you must install the library and have one
or more import.... lines in your Sketch.

I tried these options, but nothing works…

open your Sketch

drag the jar file of the library onto the Sketch (in the IDE)

frame cannot be resolved to a variable
now such a mistake

Hello @itan21,

The spektrum.exe runs fine here on Windows 10.

There are related issues here:

I have not yet tried to run the sketch (PDEs) directly.


mac os only… i I don’t have a pc

Okay, but then the library issue is solved and this is another problem. Right?

Can you please show your entire code? Or the lines with frame?

by the way, do other libraries work in your environment?

This is a new problem…
the problem with libraries has been solved…
yes, other libraries are working.

Try defining frame at the top:

Frame frame;

import controlP5.*;
import controlP5.Button;
import rtlspektrum.Rtlspektrum;
import java.util.*;
import java.awt.*;
import processing.serial.*;

Frame frame;// added

more detailed pleas…

you don’t really need these lines

  if (frame != null) {

comment them out

//  if (frame != null) {
//    surface.setResizable(true);
//  }

ha ha ha, I guess I’ll never run it)))

why am I so stupid in programming… it wouldn’t be bad if it was simple.the dmg package and everything that needed to be copied into programs and used…

Callback is here: if you want it. I’m not sure this code was ever meant to run on MacOS; all that the documentation mentions is Windows and Linux. It’s a major undertaking to debug it on a Mac even for a veteran programmer.

I understand you! Well, then I will use a computer with Windows, unfortunately)