Problem with p5 Collections Folder

I appreciate the “My Collections” feature but for the past two weeks I have been unable to drop a sketch into it. After clicking “My account” then “My collections” the list of collections appears as it should. However, clicking the down arrow to the right of a collection’s name followed by “Add a sketch” results in a blank white screen.

Similarly, if I open a sketch and click “Add to Collection,” a white screen appears.

Would value your thoughts.

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Hello @gjs,

That’s weird, maybe you’ve stumbled over a bug. Have you:

  • disabled browser plugins (like ad blockers)?
  • emptied browser cache?
  • tried it on a different computer?
  • tested using another web browser?
  • looked for fishy things in the console log (web browser’s developer tools)?

If you share which operating system and browser you’re using (with version numbers), I could see if I get the same problem.

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Hi Sven.
While applying your suggestions I realized that the cause is probably linked to my having used an asterisk in the naming of some recent sketches - rookie mistake :slight_smile: Though these sketches could still be directly opened in the editor, their inclusion in a collection seems to have prevented that collection from opening. Other collections with appropriately named files did not have this problem. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Update: I deleted the existing collections , renamed my sketches, and added them into new collections. Everything works fine now.

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Hi @gjs – glad that you found a solution. Did you report this as a bug on the web editor github?

It sounds like checking for asterisks and disallowing / removing them might be something worth building in.

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Thanks Jeremy for pointing out how to report a bug and providing the link. I add my experience to the list of issues. G

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