Problem with java

I have a problem with the executable file after the export. The executable does not work.
When launching the executable my program stops at the line “cp5 = new ControlP5 (this);”. When I compile the program (run / execute) the program works fine but I can not export it. Yet I installed Java in the directory ‘bookstore’ of the sketchbook.
Someone can help me. Thank you.

When you export the app, could you dive into the generated folder(s) and see if the controlP5.jar is being copied there as well? I just tested in my machine and this file was placed in the export folder. The jar is placed in the lib folder together with other Processing jar files. This was done using Windows 10 x64. What is your OS?

Are you using external resources like pics or sound files?


Hi franck, I have the same problem (win8). I tried to launch 32bit and 64 but they don’t work…

You need to provide a stack trace to be able as this could provide a lead of the error, or at least, it will document this error properly.

You need to provide some code that reproduce this issue. Usually this is in a form of a MCVE.

I suggest you try using a demo from the provided examples form the ControlP5 library. If you are able to export the example, then the problem is likely in your code or probably your resources. This has been seen in other issues similar to this.


I have 10x64 widows as the operating system.
The controlP5 file is in the lib directory.
I use external resources: peaks and applications.
I managed to export an example: controlP5button.
The problem certainly comes from my code.
I will try to find.
I will come back if I do not find
Thank you.