How to get and install Unfolding Map v0.9.9beta library?


Hi there,
I would like to use unfolding maps under P3. I saw on the forum that this seems possible using Unfolding Map v0.9.9beta library. Where can I get this library ?
Does it work fine ?

Thank you very much.
Best wishes for this new year !


Made a quick search, and found this website.
I don’t know about v0.9.9beta version though, as I don’t see it anywhere on the site, but I think you’ll be fine with v0.9.6.

Also, it specifies Processing 2.2, so you might want to get that version of Processing instead. I don’t know about getting it to work with Processing 3 - although it would probably just work out of the box with it.


I just checked and unfolding version 0.96 does not work under P3.
I have to stay under P2.2.1 when I have to use maps. Too bad …


I wrote 2 hours ago to Till Nagel and he just sent me a link to the library. It works fine !
Cool !


very good,
is it possible to share that link?


Yes, it seems the best way at the moment is to contact him. Any time I need the latest update, I will ping him. I am not sure why he does not make the latest lib available on his site. He is the owner and maintainer after all… we are lucky we can still get access to all these updates. And to confirm, yes, it works with the latest Processing 3 version.



This library is so useful. A magnificent job. I hope Till can keep it in time.
As far as I am concerned, I will probably no longer use Processing without this library.
Processing is good, Unfolding too, together, we can do so many things …