Please Introduce Yourself

Hello everyone! I’m Dmytro from Kyiv, Ukraine. I’m an art director, graphic designer and creative agency owner. I study creative coding to use it in my design practice. Nice to meet all of you here.


Yo my name is LaVon, I’m a university student studying computer science. Creative coding is a hobby/ obsession for me, I don’t really have much to say but I’m glad to be here


Hello all

My name is Wim and I decided to start playing with Processing for a project that I started 20 or so years ago in Tcl/Tk and never completed.

I’m a reasonably seasoned programmer (I used to make a living from it :wink: ) and now retired. Mostly worked on background processes / services in Linux and Windows in C and C#, Windows GUI applications in C# (forms) and Tcl/Tk and in the embedded field.

The Arduino “world” brought me to Processing so here I am, trying to run before I can walk or even crawl :smiley: I had a very short venture into Java inspired byits cross-platform capabilities but had to drop it because “the boss” decided to go the Microsoft only route.

Enjoy the day, WimS