Pixel distortion

I’m trying to understand which code was used on this work:

Someone has an idea? :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it is just me, but I cannot see an image, just a blank picture.

Could see it here also


Looks like sin/cos wave harmonics – count the rings going up and then back down again, that is the frequency (the wave length) changing. At each point in the image, a pixel is displaced by some wave-based value and moved to a new location. Alternately, at each pixel in the image the underlying pixel has its grayscale value shifted by a wave-based amount. There might also be a bit of noise either added to the output value (the color of the resulting pixel) or to the displacement – although the results look highly symmetrical in the fine detail, so the whole thing could be purely deterministic.


I should also mention that the details in your example look like they might be related to interference, e.g. Moiré patterns.