PiCrate-2.0 for Buster

Previously I announced Picrate 1.0 for Stretch on the RaspberryPI3B+ that also worked on RaspberryPI4 with Buster. I’m pleased to announce that I have just released a pre-release of PiCrate-2.0.0 for buster, that is working well with openjdk11 (the default jdk installed with Buster on RaspberryPI), tested on RaspberryPI3B+ and RaspberryPI4 developed on my linux box. There is an easy install script:-

  1. Zip file here.

  2. Or view or download the script here

  3. Then bash picrate2_install.sh to run script

Finally picrate --install to install examples in ~/projects/examples, then you are good to go, using geany as your PiCrate ide (or install vim if you prefer). PS: if you have a minimal desktop install (no jdk) the script will install openjdk11 for you.